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About Us

BRAND IDENTITY (What Does Being Dangerous Mean)

Being "DANGEROUS" doesn't just mean being violent. Anyone with power, talent or ability are considered dangerous in their respective fields. Being BORN DANGEROUS means that you were born into a dangerous environment or unfavorable circumstance and made it through the hardship with all odds stacked against you. We have transcended using our mind and skills as our tools to overcome and have become DANGEROUS .


This brand was created to resonate with anyone born into dangerous environments or who experienced unfavorable situations that can relate to the people who struggle. We plan to join together as a community to inspire anyone in similar positions to use what would be considered hardships, weaknesses, excuses, disadvantages, and even life. We are over-comers and no matter what we face in life we use the negatives as fuel to get through whatever may stand in our way.


Our Mission

We strive to deliver high quality Urban Clothing. Every piece of garment is custom made and delivered to you at the fastest convenience. We guarantee not only great high quality clothing but also great customer service. Any and all problems will be resolved swiftly and with the customers upmost satisfaction in mind.

Born Dangerous is a brand as well as a motto, whose mission is to provide quality apparel that symbolizes the state of being "dangerous" as in mind. We aim to reach the new generation of people and empower them with the encouragement to use the mind as a powerful asset in order to become dangerous and overcome whatever circumstance or problems they maybe currently facing. 

Shipping & Returns



All Products are custom made and hand shipped to all customers (NO VENDORS INCLUDED) to ensure that all products are prepared to meet the needs of our customers. 


How Long Does Shipping Take ?

Our shipping process usually takes between 3-5 business days to arrive. We are continuously working to improve and meet the demands of our customers in which we ensure that all products arrive to our customers within or before expected delivery dates. If there are any problems regarding shipping contact us IMMEDIATELY and we will do our best to resolve any issues you may face.

Inside of your package you will receive the following: your product(s), a thank you letter from us as well as a return/ exchange form for your convenience. 


Our return and exchange policy was created with the customer in mind, as we have researched: many other brands make returns inconvenient for their customers, and most do not accept returns. With greed out of mind this return and exchange policy was created with the goal of making both parties satisfied. All products are shipped with a Return/Exchange form with their product, if lost or damaged you can easily contact us and request another, which we can send another or email a copy for you to print out at your own convenience.  


Do We Accept Returns ? 

Yes, we accept returns within 14 days to be eligible to return, also with fairness and convenience in consideration we have   decided to set terms agreeable by customers in order to accept returns on products. ALL PRODUCTS RETURNED HAVE AN 15% HANDLING AND RETURNS FEE, ANY OPEN OR WORN PRODUCTS HAVE AN ADDITIONAL FEE OF 30%. Meaning that if the

product(s) are returned in given condition(still in packaging) you will be eligible to receive a refund minus the before mentioned 15% handling and returns fee. Also, any product open, worn, stained or damaged will be accepted with an additional 30% fee totaling in an 45% damaged return fee. Both returns are available to be accepted within the 14 day return period. 


Exchange Inquiry

Any Product that you wish to exchange is eligible to be accepted within 3 weeks for any product unopened and 2 weeks for any product that has been opened. NO DAMAGED OR STAINED products will be accepted and will be shipped back. All exchanges are free and at this current time have no restrictions. Any exchange request for a product lesser in value to the product you want you will have to cover the difference. If you exchange a product with greater value for one with lesser we will issue a payment of the difference to you in your desired payment method. 

What About Return/Exchange Shipping Costs?

Any return or exchanges will Always be covered by the original shipping cost that is applied at checkout. If you did not pay for shipping due to the discount being applied we will still cover you with an $2.99 shipping credit that will be added to your inquiry.

What Happens To Returned And Exchanged Products?

All Products both returned and exchanged are recycled or donated to homeless and charitable causes, NO PRODUCTS SHIPPED OUT NO MATTER THE CONDITION WILL BE RESOLD TO CUSTOMERS. We ensure that each customer receives their own clothing intended to be received by them. We plan to set donation goals and give back to communities as well as help communities as much as possible whenever we can. We inspire to help those who are less fortunate and with returns or exchanges you, the customer, help us in reaching this goal, making you part of this helping process. We like to thank you for your support and hope that we are able to meet all of your needs. 

Thank You, hope you're satisfied with our terms and shop with us again!
Behind The Brand

The Heart of The Mind 

Growing up in an dangerous environment can often be overwhelming. In my experience growing up in New Orleans, LA, I learned that you have to develop a survival type mindset to survive. Born Dangerous was created as brand for all people who can relate to any form of hardship or unfavorable circumstances and situations to use those experiences as fuel to motivate them in their everyday and constant ongoing endeavors and to spiritually strengthen them. We claim being "Dangerous" not as being violent, but instead being OVER-COMERS. We(everyone who wears and supports this brand) are powerful and are very dangerous people. I encourage everyone to embrace their talents and strengths and announce to the world no matter the field; sports, business, cooking, writing etc. that we are "DANGEROUS".....!

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